Thursday, May 8, 2008

A boy who live in sin city..

~this my one of my 3d modeling work~
~he is a 3d character who named Terry~
~a boy who born in a sin city in 2010, he don't who or where his
parents are.They maybe already die or not even exist,because at that
time the almost half of the world is clone human.
~he has been live with a chemical engineer who everyone call him
Zint. But one day, Zint die in a accident and then Terry became lonely again. He
was only 8 years old at that moment.
~and so although he is young but Terry already act and think like adult,without any
one to depend on.
~actually this is not a complete work,so much error i didn't fix. i should add cloth and some
equipment to him in order to enhance his characteristic and clear about where his from.
if not, he just look like a ordinary boy who look evil.*he really look very evil,i didn't
mean to make him so evil(_ " _)*
~however,i like my this character, as just haven't finish him. hope i can pick up my heart to
finish him,i m too lazy~ZZZZZ

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