Friday, March 28, 2008

happybirthday to garo..^^

wahaha..this is my first dragon drawing with bamboo..(wacom)..didnt color it..draw at one day b4 my i m 20 years old ler...this dragon remind me to what happen at that day(the day my 3d character being critic..)so sad..same least not better than him..lolx

why do i want to start this blog??haha,i think maybe i can learn something from this..there r so many thing to learn..and my brain r so small..lolx

what to say??erm..yea..yesterday i went watch a movie..alone..lolx..(sad again)..ALONG PTE LTD..梁自强电影 act by a singapore artist范文芳and 李国煌( “不要再叫我AH GUA我跟你讲喔。相不相信叫你妈妈躺在这里,你明天会叫我做爸爸!”) hahas.. every time he say this sure being beat by ppl..this is a black comedy..which will make u laugh until very loud and touch..Fann Wong is really a good actress..i still remember her another movie called JUST FOLLOW LAW(我在政府部门的日子)a Singapore comedy...which she act as Tanya chew,the directer of the Events and Promotion of Work Allocation Singapore (WAS) is so "elastic"..this time she act as a leader of Ah Longs (money-lenders) triad..she is being so rude in this movie..(but i still like her..lolx) i want to say is who haven watch these two movies shud watch worth ur time..(i wonder why 梁自强 always create movie that have moral value behind the scene..)lol

erm..yesterday is my birthday..pass ler..know what..i drink Pokka cappuccino to celebrate..TT lolx

so,it is so late now..(actually i always sleep after 3a.m.)i shud stop now.(.is it like this?i mean i remember my secondary composition letter always end like this de.).lolx..i think i will post more things to matter got ppl see or not..lolx..

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